Here is a directory of all the builds I have made for this world. Each image will direct you to its original post which has a slideshow of the building and its design.

Meadows house
Iles house
08-09-17_12-31-19 PM
Tate house
08-09-17_1-20-42 PM
Cozy Reads library
08-13-17_2-30-02 PM
Thomas house
08-14-17_11-48-39 AM
Martin house
05-16-18_1-44-16 PM
Blooming Eatery
05-16-18_3-35-48 PM
Hawthorne House
05-29-18_7-42-42 PM
Sunshine’s Pool
05-30-18_1-28-53 PM
Tracks House
06-04-18_8-00-35 PM
Sir Winston Park
06-06-18_12-34-15 PM
Student House
06-06-18_1-16-35 PM
Furry Friend Fixer Upper
06-12-18_1-18-23 PM
Moore House
06-21-18_12-43-19 PM
Hawthorne Triplex
06-23-18_11-07-52 PM
Preston House
07-03-18_12-17-36 PM
Frank House
07-06-18_9-53-04 AM
Willow Creek Academy
08-24-18_11-37-52 AM
The Strike Zone