Dear reader,

First of all, I would like to thank you for being here today and reading this little blurb.

You may already know, this blog is written by Lucie Meadows, she is a fictional character that exists only in the game of The Sims 4. She was created by me, Natalie, the creator of the blog ImOnlyBeingMe. Please go check it out if you’d like. I post book reviews, random thoughts and sometimes some cool songs.

This blog is a little project that I started to get me in a more creative environment. I really enjoy story telling so I thought this would be a perfect way to incorporate two things that I love very much and showcase what I was able to come up with in the game.

Simcerely, Lucie is blog all about this particular game file that I’ve decided to fully customize, head to toe. I’ve deleted all residents and their homes. Lucie Meadows is this world’s only resident. She will act as a kind of journalist that will document the town’s progress while new residents and businesses start to move in. (She just moved into a lot in Newcrest, which is a naturally empty town) However, I’ve deleted all the houses in the other towns as well as all public buildings. So Lucie Meadows will be documenting my progress as I build a world to my liking.

I’m hoping that this project of mine lasts a few years, so that I can adjust my town and continuously add new things as the expansion packs are released. Who knows, I might even throw in a few random challenges that exist online to entertain myself and keep this project interesting.

Feel free to make suggestions or ask questions at any time. I’m very excited to get down to buisness, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

If ever you’re interested in downloading some of this content in your own game, every household and build is available on my profile in the Sims Gallery. My gamer tag is @koalaisawesome. (NOTE: TURN ON BB.MOVEOBJECTS, since some items have been placed as decor and might disappear when lot is placed)

Simcerely, Natalie