The Martin Family

I was finally able to pay a visit to some other new neighbors. They live very close to the Iles household. And turns out they have a child Emmett’s age, so that’ll be nice. Those mom’s can have play dates and relax while their kids play together. This neighborhood is seemingly attracting more and more families and I’m happy to be able to say that living here isn’t as boring as it used to be.

Christopher and Ella Martin live in a beautiful home with their two children; Liana and Tia (still a toddler).  Christopher works as a bartender for a bar in a nearby town and Ella is currently trying her hand in the entertainment business. I wonder if ever Ella and Christopher would be working at the same venues sometimes. Who knows, maybe I’ll go see one of her shows someday.

Martin Family

And of course, how could I introduce a new family without also sharing photos of their beautiful home. I do wish them a happy life here and I believe they will really enjoy themselves here.

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(Creator side note: I made this household a very very long time ago and never actually furnished it. I like to create a household and fully furnish a house all in one shot so when I noticed it hadn’t been done, I knew I just had to get it over with and finish the house. I know better than to leave things unfinished, because when I move on to other things, I kind of forget what kind of feel I was going for and my inspiration lacks a lot. I learned my lesson haha.)

Household Photo Update

Martin Family 2nd update

Current Household Photo

Martin Family 3rd update


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