The Thomas family

I’d like to start off this post with a quick mention that a lot has been happening in this little town. Many different buildings are under construction right now, but the one that was slowly coming together next door from me has finally been finished. I didn’t want to barge in right away and introduce myself, so I let them settle a bit first. Finally, a week later, I made my way over to meet my new next door neighbors!

Mike and Annie Thomas moved here with their brilliant son Oliver. They wanted a more friendly environment than the one they were living in the city. They also heard that our local school gave a great education, which their son would benefit from greatly. I had the pleasure to talk to them all and was given a tour of their small, cozy home.

Annie said she is keeping most of her walls bare, because she is an artist and hopes to fill the walls with her works. She even offered to make me a painting one day. Which would be so sweet! I’d probably put it in my entryway. (hoping the quality is good enough, haha) Mike is an athlete, so he sometimes has to commute quite far for his job, but seems to be liking this place so far which is good.

They’ll fit in just fine.

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