The Tate family


I hoped to post about this sooner but time has been slipping by quite quickly and I’ve gotten caught up with my own personal projects but guess what?

A new household just moved into town. The Tate family was looking for someplace quiet and safe where they could retire and enjoy their hobbies.

Family 4

They built themselves a cute country style home, near the river so Fred can spend his afternoons fishing, while his wife Rosemary busies herself in the garden or relaxes in her sunroom. They are so sweet, I go over often just to chat with them.

Rosemary even offered me my very own plant for my house and always asks how it’s doing when I pop by.

Here are some photos I took of them and their house! (The upstairs was tricky because I built it inside of the roof, but at least you can get somewhat of an idea of how it looks.)



Current Household Photo

Tate Family 2nd update


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