The Martin Family

I was finally able to pay a visit to some other new neighbors. They live very close to the Iles household. And turns out they have a child Emmett’s age, so that’ll be nice. Those mom’s can have play dates and relax while their kids play together. This neighborhood is seemingly attracting more and more families and I’m happy to be able to say that living here isn’t as boring as it used to be.

Christopher and Ella Martin live in a beautiful home with their two children; Liana and Tia (still a toddler).  Christopher works as a bartender for a bar in a nearby town and Ella is currently trying her hand in the entertainment business. I wonder if ever Ella and Christopher would be working at the same venues sometimes. Who knows, maybe I’ll go see one of her shows someday.

Family 5

And of course, how could I introduce a new family without also sharing photos of their beautiful home. I do wish them a happy life here and I believe they will really enjoy themselves here.

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(Creator side note: I made this household a very very long time ago and never actually furnished it. I like to create a household and fully furnish a house all in one shot so when I noticed it hadn’t been done, I knew I just had to get it over with and finish the house. I know better than to leave things unfinished, because when I move on to other things, I kind of forget what kind of feel I was going for and my inspiration lacks a lot. I learned my lesson haha.)


The Thomas family

I’d like to start off this post with a quick mention that a lot has been happening in this little town. Many different buildings are under construction right now, but the one that was slowly coming together next door from me has finally been finished. I didn’t want to barge in right away and introduce myself, so I let them settle a bit first. Finally, a week later, I made my way over to meet my new next door neighbors!

Family 8

Mike and Annie Thomas moved here with their brilliant son Oliver. They wanted a more friendly environment than the one they were living in the city. They also heard that our local school gave a great education, which their son would benefit from greatly. I had the pleasure to talk to them all and was given a tour of their small, cozy home.

Annie said she is keeping most of her walls bare, because she is an artist and hopes to fill the walls with her works. She even offered to make me a painting one day. Which would be so sweet! I’d probably put it in my entryway. (hoping the quality is good enough, haha) Mike is an athlete, so he sometimes has to commute quite far for his job, but seems to be liking this place so far which is good.

They’ll fit in just fine.

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Small but mighty.

08-09-17_1-20-42 PM.pngSince our town now consists of a few households, I took it upon myself to ask the government for a grant that would allow us to build more public areas and services which could benefit all the townspeople. I don’t know who decides what goes on in this town but suddenly, we had our very own library! Just across from Fred and Rosemary.

It’s incredible, I’ve already spent a few evenings there myself. We may be a small town, but I guess someone thought it would be smart for us to have a library and now I’m sure others are bound to move in. It’s just a matter of time.




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The Tate family

Family 4.png

I hoped to post about this sooner but time has been slipping by quite quickly and I’ve gotten caught up with my own personal projects but guess what?

A new household just moved into town. The Tate family was looking for someplace quiet and safe where they could retire and enjoy their hobbies.

They built themselves a cute country style home, near the river so Fred can spend his afternoons fishing, while his wife Rosemary busies herself in the garden or relaxes in her sunroom. They are so sweet, I go over often just to chat with them.

Rosemary even offered me my very own plant for my house and always asks how it’s doing when I pop by.

Here are some photos I took of them and their house! (The upstairs was tricky because I built it inside of the roof, but at least you can get somewhat of an idea of how it looks.)




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The Iles family

I would like to formally welcome the Iles family to Newcrest town. They are the first residents here, other than myself obviously. Dayna is a Stay-at-Home mom with her son Emmett who is just the cutest thing, I mean look at him.

Family 2.png


Being the good welcoming committee that I am, I dropped off some sugar cookies for them and introduced myself. Dayna even gave me a house tour so I could show all of you here. So here it is:


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The contractors did an excellent job (please ignore random no ceiling photos, my photo taking skill are lacking, they do indeed have a roof).

I do hope they’re settling okay, and soon enough I’m sure other kids Emmett’s age will start moving to this town.

I’ll keep you posted, as always,



It happened.

So, I was out for my morning walk and just a few blocks down, I found this!

constructionI thought it was too good to be true, but this is most definitely a construction site for a new house, right? I hope someone’s planning to move in right away. I hate when companies build dozens of houses without even having any people to fill them with. I hung around a bit to see if I could catch a construction worker, but they must have all been on break. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.



Home at last.

I have great news!

My house has finally been completed. The contractors left me the keys this morning. It’s gorgeous. Very modern with a vintage twist. I can see myself enjoying my days here for a long time.

Now that my house it built, I’m sure someone else will want to move in.




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What a surprise…

I gotta say, this place is exactly what it said it would be, quiet, spacious and peaceful. Except where are my neighbors?

I’ve been here for just a few hours and noticed no one lives here. I believe this place has potential though. I mean look at this scenery, gorgeous.

It seems to be up to me to bring people in. I guess this is a shout out to anyone out there interested in moving to this town. Please do, I really wouldn’t mind having a few friends… Or at least someone to borrow sugar from next time I have the urge to bake cookies, which happens often.

I’ll post updates on the town regularly, first we finish my house, then I’m sure people will start trickling in. (I hope)