Furry Friend Fixer Upper

The vet clinic has just opened, so now I finally have a place nearby that I can bring Betty. I decided to take her in yesterday for a check up and some preventive shots. She's still fit as a fiddle, but I can't say that for some of the other animals I saw. I'm glad … Continue reading Furry Friend Fixer Upper


Strange, but still welcome.

Across the street from my house, there was a very big house being built, and it took months before I found out who was actually living there. This thing was a mansion. It turns out that it's a student house, and the rooms filled up rather quickly. I took the liberty of going over there … Continue reading Strange, but still welcome.

Another Birthday!

The youngest member of the Hawthorne family had his birthday yesterday. Strangely enough, Ian Hawthorne looks a lot like Emmett Iles now. His family invited me over for the celebration, though I was the only other guest. They gifted him a Voidcritter Battle Station, so I brought him a Voidcritter Pack so he could add … Continue reading Another Birthday!

Household updates!

It's been a while since we've checked in on some of our families, so when I went around to see how everyone was doing, I noticed that some of our residents have grown up a bit. Emmett Iles is now a child and he still looks so much like his mum. Secondly, Tia Martin has … Continue reading Household updates!

Sir Winston Park

Though we've kept it a secret for so long, I am pleased to announce that in collaboration with all of residents in Newcrest. (And the hefty donation by Mr. Hawthorne) I am pleased to announce the opening of Sir Winston Park. We now have the most peaceful, and inclusive park for everyone and anyone to enjoy. … Continue reading Sir Winston Park

Tracks Household

  It is with great joy, that I can welcome the Tracks family to our lovely town of Newcrest. They moved into their brand new home located next to the Iles' and Martin's and it is very lovely. As per ritual, I found myself knocking on their door within a few days after they moved … Continue reading Tracks Household

Just in time for Summer

An exciting new development just opened in our neighborhood. Just in time too, since the temperature outside has been steadily climbing. Now, all of us not fortunate enough to have a pool in our backyard can go cool off in the new public pool called Sunshine's Pool! I had a day off this week and … Continue reading Just in time for Summer

I got a cat

I was feeling lonely in this big old house of mine, so I decided to get a cat. I searched on my computer for local animals to adopt and immediately fell in love with Betty, she's an adorable kitten that I hope will fit in well with my lifestyle. I don't often go out, and … Continue reading I got a cat

The Hawthorne Residence

In one of our vacant lots to the south, they began construction almost a year ago, and the house has only been moved into as of last month. I kept a close eye on construction and knew as soon as the foundation was set, that this house was going to be massive. I later learned … Continue reading The Hawthorne Residence

It’s been a while

As you may know, I was the first resident to arrive in the town known as Newcrest, but since my arrival, many new residents have decided to settle in such as the Tate family, and the Iles family and many more. However, a lot of time has passed since I last made an update on … Continue reading It’s been a while