The Strike Zone

CREATOR'S NOTE: School has begun, so I have to focus on my studies right now. Will post updates when I can. I'm in my final year, can't fricken wait!******** I am so excited to give you guys the latest update in the world. I'm started to really feel as if investors are seeing the potential … Continue reading The Strike Zone


A surprising arrival!

Late last night we heard that Hailey went into labor and it was a long night for the nervous couple. Tyler was great though, only had one major freak out. He was supportive throughout the process. At 5:06 am, Hailey brought her son, Austin, into this world and they were immediately in love with him, … Continue reading A surprising arrival!


They kept it a secret when they first moved in, but the Preston's just announced that they're expecting their first child! That was one of the main reasons why they were looking to buy a house. They wanted to accommodate their growing family! The Moores were ecstatic as they've known the Prestons for a long … Continue reading Announcement!

I’m streaming?

CREATOR NOTE: The answer is yes! I've set up a stream through twitch. You can check it out at : It's nothing special, I just figured that since I have to take the time to make all these families and builds, I may as well stream while I do it. This a very new stream, … Continue reading I’m streaming?

Feeling Icky.

There is a good reason vet clinics exist. Sometimes our furry friends are just not feeling well. This was Laika a few days ago, she was not feeling well whatsoever and no matter how many times the Martin family bathed, brushed and comforted her, it just wasn't enough to make her feel better. They decided … Continue reading Feeling Icky.

A better education!

Since I don't really travel over to Willow Creek too often, I had no idea that construction had been happening on the biggest lot around! Turns out that Willow Creek was chosen to be the town to receive a shiny new school! This school is for all ages and there are classrooms for elementary, intermediate … Continue reading A better education!

The Prestons welcome the Franks

The Franks just moved into Willow Creek in front of the Prestons. They were looking to downsize from their bigger family home. This new  house is much  better for them, since Melinda Frank was beginning to have some difficulties going up and down her family home stairs. They were relieved when they met their neighbors … Continue reading The Prestons welcome the Franks

A Life Lesson

Tyler Preston was doing the laundry one fine early morning, and though he did see the "Clean Lint Tray" option he decided that the dryer could probably handle one more load before the cleaning. He was wrong, oh so very wrong. As soon as he turned on the dryer, he caught fire and had to … Continue reading A Life Lesson

Voidcritter fan club

Oliver Thomas and Ian Hawthorne have finally forged a friendship! They met in school and found a common interest in Voidcritters! On a whim they decided to form a club together that would be dedicated to Voidcritters. The fan club may only have 2 members as of now, but that's all you really need to … Continue reading Voidcritter fan club

First residents of Willow Creek

The first residents of Willow Creek have just moved in. After I met them, I found out that the Prestons were eager to buy themselves their first home and once they saw this one on the market they snatched it up right away. Since this is a new development, they thought it would be a … Continue reading First residents of Willow Creek